Who is behind aFlattr?

The main and (for now) only developer of aFlattr is myself, Michael Grosser.

I’m a student in Germany, studying economics and IT.

Additionally the aFlattr project is maintained and supported by SeeTheProgress, which I founded to give you a name behind all my projects.

SeeTheProgress is my own company, therefore the company is completely independent.

All maintainance and other costs for aFlattr are supported with the help of SeeTheProgress.

For more information about SeeTheProgress and my other projects visit:


Additional information about myself:

I’m spending hours coding always with a few Club-Mates.

My main projects are in Python and Javascript right now.

I love to play around with my server infrastructure and love to code (openstack will be used soon hopefully).

I did some PHP programming for Magento and try to focus on Python and Javascript right now.

If you wanna know more leave me a mail at: michael(at)



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