How does aFlattr work?

aFlattr is using the model of affiliate-marketing.
Affiliate-marketing’s principle is to payout a provision to the person, who supported the purchase of a product.

Example of affiliate-marketing:
Someone writes a Bookreview and is adding an affiliate link. For each reader, who purchases the book through the affiliate link, the owner of the affiliate link will earn a provision.

aFlattr is creating these links automaticly with help of the browser extensions.
By use of these links the shops are paying aFlattr a provision for each purchase.
90% of the provision is then payed out to aFlattr Users

Pros for shops:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Positive image (for each purchase the customer is getting some extra money on Flattr)

Pros for aFlattr users:

  • Extra bucks to donate


aFlattr is completely free?

The extension and services related to aFlattr are completely free.


All the server and maintenance costs are supported by SeeTheProgress.

With the release of version 1 aFlattr will keep 10% of the incoming money.

This cut is used to partly pay for development and server costs.

How much money/percent can I earn with aFlattr?

Your aFlattr generated revenue is depending on your purchases from supported partners.
Because of changing share of profits and usage/country variations aFlattr can only specify a percent range.
(5%-10% from net sales)

Additionally there are different share of profit models:

MP3 purchases generate about 10%. (Amazon)

Note: The earnings will rise with higher usage. So the more people use aFlattr the more you get.

Amazon is cutting the maximum revenue per product to 10€ in Europe and 25$ in the US.

How can I edit the Flattr username/beneficiary?

To change or check the used Flattr username/beneficiary, click on the menupoint “aFlattr”, which can be found under “Tools or Extras” in the navigation bar.
After clicking you are instantly redirected to the settings page.

(For frequently changes there is also a toolbar button available)

To change or check the used Flattr username/beneficiary, click with the right mouse button inside the browser window.
A contextmenu will pop up. After a click on “aFlattr Preferences”, you will be redirected to the settings page.

Do I have to be logged into Flattr?

You don’t have to be logged into Flattr at all.

Which shops/sites are supported?

We are currently working on adding a bunch of other shops/sites, but right now follwing shops/sites are supported:

Supported shops.

Will other shops be supported?

We are working on a bunch of sites right now.
Any suggestions (Costumer or Shopowner) are appreciated. Just leave us a message.

Are marketplace products supported?

Marketplace products are fully supported.

Will other browsers be supported?

Right now FireFox, Chrome and Safari are fully supported.

If we can provide support for other browsers isn’t sure at the moment.

An online version is planned.

There are a bunch of pros with the aFlattr usage.

In general:

  1. With the usage of aFlattr, every purchase can be affiliated (not just a single one).
  2. Because of the mass of purchases made with aFlattr the share of profit rises and more money is available.

Usual usage (Enhancement of your Flattr money):

  1. You gain full control over the money and you can distribute to whom you like via Flattr.

Direct donation option (Non-profit organisations etc. can get the money from their supporters directly donated – special arrangement):

  1. Supporters can with just one installation help support the beneficiary on a recurring basis.
  2. Registrations for more than one program is not needed anymore.

Does aFlattr overwrite other affiliate tags?

This extension does not overwrite Affiliate tags immediately.

We try not to take away any affiliate shares from Amazon partners or other affiliate partners.

But we have to admit:

If the link you are visiting is already affiliated, the extension won’t override it immediately.
But if you don’t make a purchase after a few clicks, the purchase will probably be tracked and the revenue will be transferred to your Flattr Account.

Does this extension slow down my shopping experience or general browsing?

The extension does not slow down any workflow in your browser.
If you have any problems with aFlattr please contact us.

How long does it take to transfer the money to Flattr?

The money transfer can take be up to 3 months after your purchase.

We are working hard to ensure you the fastest transfer possible.

Unfortunately Amazon and the other Affiliate Programs payout slow at some point.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we can’t speed up the payment from Amazon or other Vendors.
For any issues contact us.

I haven’t got any revenue yet. What happened?

  1. Check if your Flattr-ID was provided correctly. If you didn’t provide the correct Flattr username/beneficiary, we couldn’t track your purchases.
  2. The Payout is taking about 3 months. Just be patient.
  3. Right now we are working closely with Flattr so the money is inserted directly into your Flattr Account. Right the Transaction is labeled “Campaign deposit”.

If you have any problems contact us.


Why am I redirected on non supported shops?

aFlattr is always trying out new shops to be integrated.
We are therefore running tests with various shops.
As long as we can’t guarentee the functionality we do not list them as supported shops.
All purchases made via these shops will be added to your account as long as we are able to connect purchase and account.

Increase the return of every purchase with a simple share.
The more aFlattr users, the higher the percentage on each purchase.