aFlattr version 1 release

Hey aFlattr users,

There will be a few topics I wanna give you some updates about.

Version 1 (backend + extensions) :
In the last few months aFlattr was totally rewritten from PHP to Python on the server-side. It is now using Flask as a Python framework and PostgreSQL as SQL-backend. Why rewriting an already “functioning” server-side backend? The answer is pretty easy. The code is now way faster. It is easier to add new features (new shops, statistics for customers etc.). Administrative and public functionalities are separated into their own set of services being available via API. Further admin capabilities for task automation concerning processing were added and are easy to extend. After the backend-rewrite, the browser extensions needed an overhaul. With the latest update there are a lot of bug fixes, performance improvements and general modularization to make new features easier to add.

Mozilla is reviewing version 1 of the Firefox extension right now. Version 1 for Chrome/Chromium will be released on the day the review finishes. The review and the final release should be arriving next week.

Great news for Safari users, the Safari extension is in development and will soon be finished.

Perhaps you already noticed, that is now being served using SSL. We did not only add SSL, but we are enforcing SSL usage on the whole site. Ramping up security is as much a pleasure as providing you with the ability to support what you love. We take your security and data-privacy seriously.

aFlattr was built from the ground up not to even enable tracking of any data not required for the base functionality. We therefore can not and do not to track any purchase, url history or any other data. The only data we use and have access to is your Flattr username and the connected Amazon affiliate ID. Furthermore the data we get from Amazon can not be used to bind a specifc purchase to a user. The only datapoint available is the amount per month generated for each tracking ID, which is linked to your Flattr username.

That is one reason you do not have to provide more than your Flattr-ID, not even your eMail address is mandatory.

How much will be payed out and when? We are developing a dashboard to lookup your own statistics. Unfortunately we have to wait for the new Flattr api with oauth authentication to enable secure delivery of your stats. We will be using oauth only in readonly mode and use it purely to verify, that you are logged in with the Flattr account you want to access on our dashboard.

Other changes:
Enforcing SSL on every page on was not the only change. We improved pageload performance through static content (images, css, js, etc.) delivery via the Akamai content delivery network and added memcached support on the backend to bring you a blazing fast webage experience. Not only the performance got improved, we also added a german translation to our site.

Additionally we rewrote parts of the FAQ to give you better answers to your questions.

Revenue cut:
Due to the ongoing development, rising server costs and the release of version 1, we will start using a 10% share to compensate for part of our costs. This revenue share will be enabled with the release of version 1. This will not only enable further development, but help us cover some of our server costs.

We hope you love the latest changes.

If you have any suggestions, feature requests or any questions, let us know at
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Keep on shopping and supporting others.
Michael Grosser
aFlattr Founder

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