aFlattr will be discontinued due to Amazon partnership hassle

Hey aFlattr users,

After the unfortunate discontinuation of our partnership with Amazon it was a bumpy ride for the aFlattr team. We did our best to get a decent replacement, continue the work on aFlattr and enable all of you to give back easily again. We put a lot of energy into aFlattr in the 3 years it existed. We would have loved to go on, but after months of consideration, reworking and partnership search, we have decided to make a clean break and discontinue aFlattr. This will enable us to start new projects and enable us to provide you with an even better service/project in the future.

The aFlattr site will stay up for the foreseeable future and will reflect the latest development. We will probably move the blog to a static place so the information is retained.

Thank you for your patience and your ongoing support.

For more projects you can follow seetheprogress on Twitter.

Michael Grosser
aFlattr Founder

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