Hey aFlattr users,
We are now field testing the integration of expedia.de in the latest Chrome/Chromium version. So if you book a flight the outcome should be around ~1.5%*, for holiday packages ~3%* and 17.50€* as a fixed rate for hotels. Other shops are already planned, but not every company is easily convinced. Chrome/Chromium will be the only browser supporting the new shop with version 1.0.9. Firefox has to be reviewed by Mozilla for the latest changes to take effect. For all Safari users, aFlattr is now part of the official Apple developer program and we will be starting our work on a Safari version this week.
aFlattr is still waiting for the release of the new Flattr API, so statistics can be made available via a dashboard.

If you have a question just write a mail to support@aflattr.com

Keep on shopping and supporting others.
Michael Grosser
aFlattr Founder

*These numbers are estimates and rely on our partners. aFlattr cannot give any warranties. As this shop is only in an beta stage we cannot guarantee that purchase will be accurately logged.

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