Faster Payout

Hey aFlattr users,

After a few delays with the payouts from April and May the issues are resolved. Flattr is hard at work making these transactions faster and more visible to you. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. More visibility is now available with the new transaction label “Deposit from Flattr”.

In April a total of 347.10€ were transferred to aFlattr users.
In May the transferred amount was 293.00€.
The amount in June is close to 500.00€.

Some additional information:
What happens to the money from aFlattr, when an account has been deleted? It is pretty easy. I decided to use it to support projects, charities via

Version 1.0 is still in development, it should resolve a lot of bugs and give a better overall feeling.

If you have any suggestions for the aFlattr website, the extensions or something else, send a mail to

Keep on shopping and supporting others.
Michael Grosser
aFlattr Founder

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