Sad day for charities and free content

Hey aFlattr users,
As you all know aFlattr promoted the continuous usage of Amazon to purchase your favorite items, in turn providing you with the ability to support your favorite content, charity and much more. The agreement was terminated less than 48 hours ago. In spite of my best efforts to come to a new agreement, they do not want to support aFlattr anymore. With the immediate termination they removed all outstanding balances. This decision results in the inability to payout any “outstanding” balances you see in your dashboards. I apologize for the trouble this decision from Amazon causes. It was not possible to get any funds released, which results in no further payouts from aFlattr for the foreseeable future. Amazon clearly stated they do not payout the money, even if 100% of it goes to charity or to aFlattr users.

I’m still determined to provide people with an easy and seamless way to support their favorite content and charity, but without Amazon we have to review our options and future plans before we are able to give you further information. This is a hard blow for aFlattr and we appreciate your support.

Stay updated about future directions via Twitter.

Detailed story:
About 3 years ago aFlattr started out in the search for an easy way to support the community. After the idea took shape I contacted and or (to be clear) their associate programs to explain the browser plugin. Especially the usage as offering of incentives was not permitted in their operating agreement. I was called back by someone from Amazon Inc. or a subsidiary as far as I can say. After explaining the inner workings, the auto-tracking and the benefits for Amazon I was approved as an Amazon Associate. It was reapproved in the months and years that followed, but was terminated just 48 hours ago. It seems the positive stand towards charity and being a valuable member of the community changed in recent months.
In the beginning aFlattr grew slowly. It started with only a handful of users in 2010. The 500 user mark was broken at the beginning of 2012. In 2013 a steady stream of new users flowed in, but it took until April of 2013 that users really started to pour in. In the end almost 2000 users signed up to give back to others.
We payed out a total of 18405.06€ and it would have been almost 40000€ 30000€¹, if the remaining funds would have been released.

I am happy aFlattr could be a part of a caring community around
My appreciation goes out to the continued support and encouragement from Flattr! We will do our best to make the aFlattr idea a possibility again.
If you have questions contact us via mail at or via Twitter.

Michael Grosser
aFlattr founder

edit¹: I changed the typo to the actual amount. Sorry for the error.

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